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Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
>>> What is it?
<<< A client application for desktop-based grid computing.

>>> What is it for?
<<< The platform is used for a number of interesting, scientific, and humanitarian tasks, including (but not limited to) computational chemistry to search for new medicines and cleaner sources of energy. Past accomplishments of the network include the development of several successful drugs for anthrax and the rapid completion of the Human Genome Project. Running the client allows you to effortlessly "give" the un-used and otherwise wasted CPU cycles of your computer to the project(s) of your choice.

>>> Why is it better?
<<< Organizational transparency, network security, and user privacy have been held in high regard since the inception of the platform, ensuring that the computational power of the client network is only used for noble purposes. The source code of the client is also available for public scrutiny and third-party development.

>>> How can I get involved?
<<< The home page is http://boinc.berkeley.edu.

Mozilla Firefox
>>> What is it?
<<< A web browser.

>>> What is its competition?
<<< Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Opera Software's Opera, and Google's Chrome.

>>> Why is it better?
<<< While its default configuration is very minimalistic and fast, extensions and themes are very popular, adding new functions, giving Firefox the potential of being the perfect browser for each of its users. It is also considered substantially more secure than Internet Explorer, due to its fine-grained security controls and lack of unregulated OS integration. Its source code is also freely available for public scrutiny and active third-party development.

>>> Where can I get it?
<<< Its home page is at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/products/firefox

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