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Auslogistics Registry Defragmenter
>>> What is it?
<<< A utility for the defragmentation of the Windows Registry.

>>> What is its competition?
<<< SystemFile Defragmeter, et al.

>>> Why is it better?
<<< While disk defragmenting utilities do not actually optimize the individual entries in the Registry and other so-called "system optimizers" bloat their tools with nearly-useless "extra" features and flood the user with advertising for commercial products, Auslogistics Registry Defragmenter safely and effectively defragments the Registry with little or no computer knowledge required. It also provides an informative interface which will remind many users of the Windows Disk Defragmenter that was bundled with Windows 9x. This tool will provide great performance benefits to any system, especially those which have many applications installed or have many multimedia files created and deleted on a regular basis.

>>> Where can I get it?
<<< The latest version can be downloaded at http://auslogics-registry-defrag.auslogics-software.qarchive.org.

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